Month: February 2017

Keep Dirt Out – Fast Fixes for Household Cleaning

house cleaning tipsEver wonder if there were fast fixes for some small household cleaning jobs? There are and they are easy as well!

Sometimes you’re in a bind and need to get things clean quickly or sometimes you just want to do something right the first time.

It’s difficult, in certain situations, to know how to clean a certain stain or surface.

Sometimes we have to turn to the old fashioned home remedies instead of some new cleaner!

Here are some great tips for small household cleaning fixes!

How do you clean artificial flowers? Is it possible?

Pour salt into a paper bag. Put the flowers in with the head side down and shake the bag. The salt will rub against the flower petals and inside the crevices to “brush” off the dirt.

The particles will therefore be transferred to the bag along with the salt.

Voila! Dust-less flowers.

For artificial flowers that are washable, you can use a small amount of dish detergent mixed with warm water. Dunk the flowers in and swish them around quickly. Rinse immediately under cool water.

How to clean alcohol spills on carpet?

I learned this one from a previous employer when I was a waiter at Treebeards in Houston TX.

Use a paper towel to blot up the excess liquid.


Blot with 1tsp dish detergent, 2 cups warm water and 1 cup white vinegar.

After blotting with the mixture, spray on cold water with a spray bottle. Once again, blot with a paper towel. The stain should be gone.

This should only be done with fresh alcohol spills.

Need to clean your windows?

As much as we ALL love Windex and other window cleaners, they sometimes do leave streaks.

The best way to wash your windows is something we all have in our houses and it’s the most effective as well. Very cold water and 2 tbsp of vinegar per gallon of water.

It’s best to not wash your windows in the direct sunlight because the heat can dry out the cleaning solution on some section of the window before it can evenly spread. That will cause streaks.

Wash your windows on a day when it’s overcast.

Do not wash your windows in a circular motion, use a horizontal or vertical motion. Streaks are more common with circular motions! Dry your windows with a paper towel.

Have your counter tops lost their shine?

If you have (or had) gorgeous counter tops and they’ve lost their beautiful shine over the years, use this great and unique tip to brighten your counter tops back up!

Remove all appliances, vacuum up all crumbs and wipe up other messes.

Wipe the counter top and backsplash down with a surface cleaner. (or just simple water and vinegar mixture)

Pour some club soda onto a cloth or microfiber cloth and wipe down the counter and backsplash with that as well.

The club soda will help remove buildup that may have been making them look dull and will be a temporary (1 month or so) fix to make them sparkle and look brand new!

Crayon marks on walls?

Everyone who has a child has dealt with crayon marks where they shouldn’t be! How do you get them off?

Well, you can try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but sometimes even that won’t get the entire wax stain off of your wall.

Another way would be to turn on a blow dryer and aim the heat directly at the crayon. (Do not do this on walls that have wallpaper!)

After about a minute and a half, put some dish washing detergent on a soft cloth and start to rub (in circular motions) the stain away.

For those who have wallpapered walls, spray stain with WD-40 and leave on for approximately 2 minutes.

Use a soft cloth and in circular motions, wipe the stain away.

If any residue seems to be left over, wipe with warm water and a drop of dish washing detergent.

Easy fix for cleaning mini blinds?

Simple! Put old socks on your hands and use a bucket of soapy water to dip your hand with the sock into.

Between your thumb and other fingers, clean each blind and wash!

This is a much better solution than using a duster and spreading the dust from the blinds to other nearby crevices in the house!

Dog or cat mess stains?

If you can get to them while they’re new, use warm water with a dab of dish detergent on a towel or paper towel. You can blot the stain right out. This is really useful for things like cat spraying.

Residue on items or appliances from adhesive labels?

Rub the label with a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

If you’re using nail polish remover, make sure the surface you’re removing the label from won’t be damaged by the nail polish remover.

If you think it will, opt for the rubbing alcohol.

Who Rules, You or Money?

save your moneyYou are supposed to rule and control money and not the other way round.

Money is undoubtedly a means to an end. This explains the reason why people are always eager to have it.

In some instances, people engage in heinous activities such as armed robbery, fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, money ritual etcetera, in order to have money at all costs.

The common statement is that, ‘One who has no money is nothing but a living dead’.

Now this may seem a little odd, talking about money on a cleaning website, but the fact is, one of the reasons I am writing about all of this stuff is to give you tips to save money on cleaning supplies and such.
But what good are they if you can’t actually keep the cash you save, right?

The pursuit of money in recent times has continued at alarming rate.

People are becoming so worried about money to an extent that they begin to develop what  could be described as “Money sickness syndrome”  Some common symptoms of this include; shortness of breath, slight headache, nausea,  loss of appetite, unwarranted anger, negative thinking, nervousness among others.

Many people have fallen sick because of their untamed worries for money.

Much anxiety about money makes some people to be ruled or controlled by money because they are highly motivated by money, a situation that may lead to stress and neuroticism.

However, if you create a careful outline of you budget you can have peace of mind that you are at least trying to move in the right direction.

Tips to follow in order not to be ruled or controlled by money

(a)  Always avoid discussing finances based on the anxiety it causes.

(b)  Do not allow issues relating to money to become a subject of family squabble.

(c)  Be sure of how much you earn, spend or owe.

(d)  Do not spend compulsively.

(e)  Avoid getting worried about your bills always.

(f)   Free yourself from pressure of accumulating large sum of money.

(g)   Avoid using your savings to pay routine bills.

(h)   Avoid making minimum payments on credit card bills always.

(i)    Do not get worried about your bills being bigger than what you expect.

(j)    Avoid paying your bills from money earmarked for other purposes.

(k)   Avoid taking up extra work just for the purpose of paying your bills.

(l)    Avoid taking new loans to pay off old ones.

(m)  Plan your finances in such a manner that you don’t find it difficult to survive till the end of the month.

(n) Avoid constant late payment of your bills.

(o) Avoid suffering from physical or psychological symptoms resulting from money related anxiety.

(p)  Look for ways to cut down expenses.

(q)  Use deal websites, websites that teach you how to cut costs like Cyan17 or save money on taxes or other outlays.

Examine yourself with all sincerity, and make the necessary amends where necessary. When you are able to take to these tips accordingly, you will surely rule and control money rather than money ruling and control you. You shall rule and control money in Jesus name (Amen).