A Clean Germ-Free House

cleaning suppliesBelieve it or not, it is impossible to have a totally germ free house. That is only a fantasy, but we can get pretty darn close to it. And that’s okay. In fact, some germs are actually beneficial. But that’s a different article.

Today I want to talk about how to cut down the germs in your house easily and quickly and do it up to 50% of your current germs.

So many of us run out and get the Comet or Ajax, along with Fantastic and Pine Sol, and while these items are great at cleaning, and making the house smell so nice it really doesn’t sanitize it as well as one would think.

To have a truly clean, germ free house, one would have to be cleaning day and night, seven days a week; none of us has that kind of time.

Yes. the house is dusty and the Comet works well in the toilet and getting stains out of those porcelain tubs and sinks, Pine Sol disinfects and make the house smell clean and of cause Fantastic cuts grease like nobodies business.

Now a cheap and inexpensive way to be sure, one hundred percent convinced that the house is as clean as it is going to get is to sanitize it with a fine mist spray bottle approximately one liter in size, filled with regular tap water and one tablespoon of Clorox.

You spray the area lightly, and let it air dry. If your going to put food on your kitchen counter, or you toothclorox bleach for cleaning my house brushes on the bathroom sink; then after allowing the surface to dry, take a clean paper towel or rag, wet it with warm water and just wipe it clean.

It is very helpful in the bathroom and other areas where mold grows and multiplies, causing your allergies to get out of control from the spores of mold.

Again you take a fine mist spray bottle fill with water and add one tablespoon of Clorox then spray well, and let air dry. Do this twice daily and soon the mold should start to diminish, unless the mold is growing behind the wall, then you have a whole new problem.

Financially for now just keep spraying, until you can afford to re-due the bathroom, pulling down the shower walls and tiles. Learn more here.

A Clean – Germ free house, is a fantasy, but not completely impossible you can make most of the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom germ free, even if only for a few minutes.

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