Going Green Can Increase The Value of Your Home

green homeGreen methods that will improve your home and its value.

As we begin to focus on a more eco-friendly living environment, more homeowners are considering environmentally conscious house designs.

An eco-friendly home means a healthier lifestyle; and at the same time, you’re protecting Earth’s precious natural resources.

And anything that helps promote the green movement, I’m all for. Whether it’s the use of green cleaning products, or simply making my home more energy efficient, I try to do everything I can to leave a zero carbon footprint.

There has been a dramatic increase in new materials and products that are environmentally friendly. These are natural specialized building materials—in-line with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ratings and guidelines—with the added bonus of helping homeowners save a considerable amount of money in energy costs.

Real estate agents, mortgage brokers and home inspectors will agree that making these changes to your home will not only help the environment, but it’ll help your wallet too. We Buy Houses – Houston, a real estate website suggests making your home as green as possible to get a better selling price and make a sale faster.

How to build a green home

A green house is one that is:

  • Sustainable
  • Minimal in construction waste
  • Built using non-toxic/eco- friendly materials
  • Able to reduce indoor air pollution
  • Designed to create an effective “building envelope”
  • A tightly sealed structure with controlled ventilation and cost effective heating and cooling
    helping to conserve energy
  • A proponent of “RRD”: renew-ability, reusability and durability
  • Designed to minimize solar loss in winter and solar gain in summer

Five basic principles that reduce negative impacts

Try using these five basic principles to reduce the negative indoor and outdoor impact your home might have on the environment:

  • Optimized use of the sun—whether active or passive solar energy
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Responsible use of land
  • High performance, moisture-resistant housing
  • Proper natural resource management of your property’s offerings

These are small steps that you can start to take in order to achieve an environmentally friendly home. There are plenty of resources available online that can help you choose the right materials and products for your green home.

If you’re still weary about making changes like this to your home, talk to your real estate agent or home finance expert to see how these types of changes can help your home in the long run.

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