Seven Things That are Dirtier Than Your Bathroom

cleaning the houseYou probably think that your toilet is the dirtiest place in your house. You think that the bathroom is dirtier than everything else around you, well, you are wrong.

Here are seven things that are probably dirtier than you think and have larger loads of bacteria than your toilet bowl!

How clean is your house?

Not so clean for you have been cleaning the wrong places.

Reports appearing in a newspaper would shock you to say the least. Your bathroom and the toilet sink are not the dirtiest you can think of. Many other things are dirtier and contain larger numbers of bacteria than your toilet sink; many other things contain larger numbers of bacteria than that bathroom.

They include:

Your toothbrush – Can you believe that? Your toothbrush, however clean it looks like contains hundreds of thousands of bacteria! But, you can clean it once in a while using some regular old Dawn dishsoap. For real!

Kitchen sink – That kitchen sink where you prepare your meal has more than a fair share of trouble. It has more bacteria than the toilet!

Computer keyboard – Believe it or not, that keyboard is one of the worst sources of bacteria. It is infected and could probably infect you.

Mobile phone – It’s not just a gadget for talking; it is not for communication alone, it stores hundreds of thousands of bacteria from your hands and mouth!

TV remote control – You touch it very often and you never remember to wash your hands before using it. It is dirty, dirtier than the toilet or bathroom.

Your bed – Hmmmmmh, probably you sleep on it and think it is heaven itself, but well, it isn’t. It has hundreds of thousands of bacteria that could make you sicker than sick. That’s why washing your bedding regularly in the best laundry detergent is really important.

The air – Your surroundings could be worse than everything else combined. It contains all that I have listed above and probably has more bacteria than your toothbrush, the sink, the keyboard, that phone, the remote control and your bed. Check out for some clean air tips.

All pretty gross if you ask me! But not to worry, that’s why I’m starting this website, so I can give you all the information you could ever need to have the cleanest house on your block. So keep reading, and if you would, like and share the site. It motivates me to keep going.

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